About Marinades and Rubs

Marinades and rubs are often used to help enhance the flavors of your foods, not mask their flavors
Marinades are seasoned liquid in which foods such as meat, fish and vegetables are soaked (marinated) in order to absorb and enhance their flavor.
A tenderizing marinade must contain an acidic ingredient (lemon juice, yogurt, wine, vinegar) or a natural tenderizing enzyme found in fresh papaya, ginger, pineapple and figs. The acid ingredient is especially important for tough cuts of meat because it serves as a tenderizer.
Because of the acidic ingredients, the marinating should be done in a glass, ceramic or stainless-steel container never in metallic containers.
A rub is a blend of seasonings, such as fresh or dried herbs and spices, used to flavor the surface of uncooked steaks.
Paste-type rubs often contain some oil, crushed garlic or mustard.
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