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Mickey & T's Gourmet Rubs and International Spices
Mickey & T's Gourmet Rubs and International Spices
    From the beginning, our concept was a simple one, show how great food can be made, simply, and how simple recipes can offer varied and complex flavors. We hope to entice you, the reader, into making a dish you may not have considered before.
    Like so many that are on restricted diets such as low fat or no salt, any time salt is mentioned in a recipe it is not essential to the final outcome, just leave it out! When red or white wine is called for you can substitute wine vinegar but since the alcohol does burn off, leaving only the great flavors behind, we recommend that you use only a wine you would serve to family and friends. If you wouldn't drink it, why eat it! When a recipe calls for garlic, we always insist that fresh garlic is best, but should that head of garlic you've had for the past three months be a bit hard, you can substitute Mickey & T's Great Garlic.
    We would love to add any ideas you might have to our next cook book, so please feel free to send them in and we will put them in our next printing with all due credit to our loyal and loving spicers!
Keep on cookin' ........
Mickey & T

    Mickey & T's is currently selling in select and unique specialty, gourmet and upscale gift shops and markets that cater to a clientele looking for quality food products and are not tentative about trying new and different items that hit the market. The gourmet spice business has been making an impact in the food service industry and we find that shoppers and retailers alike are very receptive to our products, not only for our unique packaging but for the quality of the product itself. Most of the rubs we see on the market today limit themselves to the bbq grill. With Mickey & T's Rubs, you can bbq, broil, bake, saute, fry, use as a marinade, in stews and sauces, in the smoker or simply sprinkle on food as you would salt and pepper. Our rubs can be used on beef, pork, lamb, veal, chicken, seafood, vegetables and all types of wild exotic game. Once you try us, there is no going back to the salt & pepper shaker and that is why we offer a money back guarantee.
    * Spices may settle during shipping. Rather than using the anti-caking chemicals most companies use, we prefer you just give it a tap to loosen.
Thanks for trying us, ........
Mickey & T

    After retiring from 25 years in the restaurant business, Mickey & T moved from their beloved Boston to T's home state of Michigan. At T's urging, Mickey began many of the recipes he used in his numerous restaurants, the results, Mickey & T's Gourmet Rubs & International Spices. So began the struggle to conquer a smaller but equally discriminating market. Now a thriving business in Michigan, Mickey & T are branching out to exciting new territory. First stop, West Palm Beach, Florida where business has been fast and furious. Mickey & T assure they will always be based out of Michigan where the "people have taken us in as their own". Their philosophy "Gain their trust by giving them quality", has garnered them tens of thousands of loyal (repeat) customers who appreciate great value in a quality product.
Keep on Cookin' ........