Rub and spices from Mickey & T's

Mickey & T's: In the News

"Ex-restaurateur orchestrates world sensory tour from his home..."
    The Detroit News

"Davisburg man savors the spice of life..."
    Grand Rapids

"Richards blends are something of a sensation..."
     The Detroit Free Press

"One time restaurateur turns his delicious hobby into thriving business..."
    The Lansing Journal

"Chef shows wizardry at creating marinades..."
    Associated Press

"Chef's spice mixtures turns into big business..."
    Oakland Press/Associated Press

All of the above headlines are from some of Michigan's hometown newspapers. The press is pleased with what they have found and we're sure you will be too. Try some for yourself right now and you'll see why everyone is talking about and enjoying, rubs and spices from

Then there's this one from the Indiana Star: Spicemeister explores blends

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